Updates on the Final Dragonics & Runics Novel and a Black Friday Sale!

Hello lovelies & fellow wordsmiths!

Happy Thanksgiving (to my fellow turkey-gobbling buddies) & happy fall to the whole lot of you! First and foremost, I want to say how thankful I am to be a part of such a beautiful, ever-growing, creative community of independent, traditional, self-published, and budding writers and authors as well as geek girls. You guys rock and, although the past few months have been trying, you guys have always been there, right alongside my D&R fans and supporters.

So, in short (plus sappage) — I bretzing love you!


That brings me to the updates.

#1 –  I’ve been a bit quiet this month, and not because of the glorious inspiration that is NaNoWriMo. Unfortunately, I’ve dealt with a bit of loss in my loved ones department and with the amount of planning, mourning, and family unsettling times like these bring upon us, I have had to tone down my activity accordingly. That said, everything will be settled by December, so I’ll be back in the zone (and the audiobook podcast for Convergence will be back on releases). Thank you for your kind words, sympathy, and patience during this time. It really means the world to me.

#2 – Because of the loss of my fur baby and a family member, I have made the hard call of delaying the release of the final novel in the Dragonics & Runics Series, Vengeance. It wasn’t an easy call to make, but between support/encouragement/ass-kicking by my editors and my unwillingness to have Alaister, Callon, Kaly & Crew upset with me for pushing through final approvals with a lack of focus, I’ve made the call to push back Vengeance: Dragonics & Runics Part IV‘s release in early January 2015.

Because of this change, I have deactivated the pre-order availability of Vengeance on Kindle. However, pre-orders are still available through my website store [here]. Be sure to use the Black Friday Special listed below though as a peace-offering.

I can’t say enough about my fans and to you all, I must apologize for this delay. It is hard to say what life will through you, especially the writing life, but I must remain true to my story, my characters, and the world that you all have fallen in love with.

#3 – On a happier note, I have had the distinct honor and pleasure of having Defiance: Dragonics & Runics Part I chosen as part of the winter reading for the Los Angeles area’s SciFi Chicks Book Club. I’m super excited to be able to hang with them come January and their meeting. They’re a kick ass bunch of geek chicks who know their stuff about sci-fi and fantasy. The fact that they’re also complete geeks helps, too. If you’re in the LA area, or a sci-fi/fantasy book lover in any area, check out their Facebook Group to get the latest deets on their reads, talks, and much more [click here].

#4 – My next release has been chosen! It took a lot of debating, meditating, dice rolling, card dealing, and randomizing, but I have made up my mind to bring you one of the first novels in a shared universe set in the contemporary world–our world–but with edges bound with fantasy, paranormal mystery, and magic. Stay tuned for a cover release, excerpt sneaks, and much more!

Which brings me to something even happier/more exciting/awesomer!

The Black Friday Special!

To say thank you to my fans, my fellow writerly peeps, and my fellow geeks and nerds – and to apologize for the delay with Vengeance, here’s a 25% off coupon for anything in my website store.

Discount Code:    GOBBLEGOBBLE

It’s active starting now, and I’ll leave it up until the release of Vengeance for you (sort of like a Motel 6 thing, but for readers!)

And, with that, I wish you all a happy end of November, end of NaNoWriMo 2014, and a very happy Thanksgiving!



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