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for Defiance: Dragonics & Runics Part I

This is a wonderfully constructed novel that brings back the political fantasy novels I loved so much growing up. If you like Melanie Rawn’s Dragon Prince and Dragon Star trilogies, or Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonriders of Pern…then this book is RIGHT up your alley!


I truly enjoyed the mix of fantasy themes, romance, and science fiction – it keeps the story interesting and fresh.


Highly recommended! This is a book series that I look forward to reading the next one. Very impressed by the detailed magic system. The elemental dragons are pretty slick too!

Kerwin F.

Everything starts with a bang and this is a good way to draw in readers. The writing style was new and fresh and the voice gave seriousness when needed, but was able to be playful at the comic relief moments. The text is cleverly descriptive and the words fly off the page. The writer has a strong voice as her prose are strong. The tone is strikes a beautiful balance between dramatic and fun.

S.L. Teller

A fast-paced, easy to read fantasy that allows the mind to wander. I found the descriptions given by the author very good and at times inspiring. They honestly allowed my mind to wander when not reading and create my own interpretations of the characters.

C.J. Kravetz

Great reading with excellent character development, I hated to put it down.

S.D. Linebaugh

I am looking forward to the next book with eager anticipation. This is a wonderful dragon/fantasy book.

P.J. Anderson

LOVED this book. The writing is fun and imaginative. Love the protagonist in addition to the many wonderful supporting characters that make this book so well rounded. This book reminds me a great deal of Anne McCaffrey’s wonderful dragonrider series, but definitely is a unique and wonderful story in it’s own right. In the end, the story trumps it all and I’m eagerly looking forward to the rest of the series.

S. Chatterjee

This is an awesome book by an Awesome author. I can’t wait for the next book! A must read!

“The Teach”

This is a wonderful descriptive fantasy novel that captured my imagination from the very first page. It riveted me like the Edgar Rice Burroughs Mars series I read as a young adult. But, this novel is so much more. I love the language and creativity in storytelling, settings, characterizations, actions and emotions.


This is awesome! I hate reading, and I read this book. Enough said.



for Allegiance: Dragonics & Runics Part II
This series is Awesome! Can’t put it down. A mix of Harry Potter and Eragon. Well done. Can’t wait for the next book!

The story follows a young woman nicknamed Mouse, a duelist and missing member of a prestigious family in the Council Senate. Betrayed by an ally, her family was slaughtered and she presumed dead as a small child. Though a blade sliced her throat, it took her voice and not her life. Forced to remain in hiding she is discovered by one of the Rogues and becomes a strong ally and possible link to the Council.

Back again are Alaister Paine and Kalyna, as well as the rest of the Rogues who are struggling to end the reign of the council and protect the people. As in the first book, Defiance, they must hide in the shadows to spare the lives of their members and fulfill a great prophecy.

Mouse, despite her name, is a strong character that spends a good deal of her time actually fighting instead of just sitting around and reflecting on her emotions as far too many female characters are apt to do. She does not just carry swords, she uses them to genuinely kick bad guy butt. There are of course elements of romance and justice. I would be lying if I was not moved by the romantic character interactions or surprised by certain betrayals.

In addition to mouse are a wealth of female characters that provide strength and support for the Rogues in their own right. Vee and Kalyna are both strong runics who use their magic to save the day and create. Princess Chloe is all regal and all tree climber, using her influence and physical skills to get the Rogues out of scrapes and Mouse into the spotlight.

A. Wrighton makes dragons an important part of the story, but not in an overwhelming way or just as a backdrop piece as so many fantasy novels do. Yes, there is a good deal less of their action than the first book, Defiance, but their importance is highlighted and used rather than there just being a mention here or there about how dragons exist.

Victoria Irwin, from full review @ The Geek Girl Project click here.


I love books that leave you dying for the next one. This one did that and so much more! Awesome second book, Ms. Wrighton. Can’t wait for the third!



Intricate, descriptive, and well written. I think it might have been easier to follow if I had read part one, but still a great read. Got book free from goodreads. First reads




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    • Advanced Achiever’s Award – highest honors in MFA class
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    • Course Director’s Award – Business of Creative Writing

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