#AuthorChat – How Do You Balance Life & Writing and Quick Update from Yours Truly

So, while most of you have probably figured it out, I’m pretty quiet when it comes to anything not writing related.

I mean, I always figured that no one really wanted to know about my laundry, or my favorite restaurant, or when I had a cold. It’s boring, truly. I mean, who cares about boring stuff? But, because I’ve had to take a little bit longer break from blogging than I normally like to (because life), I figured I could at least use that as a transition into a sort of heart to heart with my other writerly friends.

So where have I been hiding?

The doctor’s office.

I found a breast lump about a month ago and that sent me on a whirlwind circus of labs, appointments, second opinions, more appointments, and then a last-minute biopsy.

So, I have pretty bad luck (it seems) when it comes to health.

Almost a year ago exactly, I was having a spinal fusion surgery with a disk replacement in my L5-S1 vertebrae. You know — the kind that make it so you can’t bend/twist anymore. Say goodbye to half of my yoga position arsenal (but hello to pain-free)!

Anyhow, amidst screenings for an awesome web series I co-created and wrote with a darling writing friend; creating a badass writer-focused podcast program that will be released soon; working on editing client projects for Little Green Eyed Press; my two day jobs and being a mom; wrapping up Book 4 of the Dragonics & Runics series and prepping to appear at Comikaze Expo in Los Angeles, I ran out of hours to find time to blog.

Let me tell you, life can keep people pretty busy no matter what their age or intentions are.

But I missed you, my lovely blog and writerly friends, you!

So, I’ll be back this coming week with lots more to write about! But, what I want to bring up now, is a question I see getting brought up a lot in writing groups I’m privy to…

How do you balance writing and life?

I never really bothered to answer that before.

You know, because by the time I finally saw the question, 87 other people had answered with bits and pieces of what I would say.

“You just do.”
“You make do.”
“Take time for yourself.”
“Take a break if you need to.”
“Never stop.”
“Stay up late.”
“Get up early.”
“More coffee!”
“Shut up and write!”

But now, I think I’m ready to answer.

How do I balance writing and life?

I don’t.

In my best Dory expressive moment, I just keep swimming. I take the punches as they come, and I roll with it. I write to get away. I write when I’m mad. I nap when I’m sad. I bake when I’m frustrated, and some days, I just sit and engorge myself with Jane Austen movies, cheesy sci-fi novels, and video games.

I don’t try to balance anything, because then it becomes a chore.

Writing is not a chore for me.

It’s a pleasure. A privilege. A necessity. And, the moment I start looking at it like I have to balance it, the moment I might as well toss my purple pens and call it a day.

I think that people who ask this question need to just take a deep breath and live. Writing will fit itself in along the way. At least, it always seems to do so with me.


I’ll see y’all this coming week! I’ve got lots of great news to share and some a great author Q&A with someone who, bless their heart, hasn’t started stalking me to post yet (and is being super sweet about my health concerns, so they get brownies there).

As for that lump?

I won’t know the results for a few more days… but my writing pen doesn’t seem to mind the wait, so why should I?

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