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My works are classified by their mainstream genre, please see their full description for sub-genres listing. Other genres include: new adult, young adult, steampunk, romance, suspense, dystopian, and drama.


Dragonics & Runics Series (novels)

new adult, sci-fi, steampunk

In the wake of a government-driven genocide, from the backs of Dragons and by the metal of their swords, a group of resistance fighters struggle to enact an ancient prophecy to free their realm from the control of a power-hungry mad man before they too are eliminated.

For details on the entire series, visit the official website.

A. Wrighton's Dragonics & Runics Series Dragonic PinDefiance: Dragonics & Runics Part I

Join the Resistance led by dragon-riding soldiers determined to restore peace & prosperity to their Realm as they hunt for the last magic-wielding soul alive — a person of untold power that holds the key to the Resistance’s success.

NOW AVAILABLE on A.W.’s Store,, Amazon’s Kindle Store, and select local retailers. 1st edition available in all eBook formats & audiobook format; 2nd edition available in ebook and paperback format.

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Allegiance: Dragonics & Runics Part II

Rejoin the Rogue Dragonics as they continue their search for the people that can enact the legendary Prophecy that will depose the tyrannical and crazed leader of the Realm – Chancellor Diesden.

NOW AVAILABLE on A.W.’s Store,, Amazon’s Kindle Store, and select local retailers. Audiobook format now available on and iTunes.

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Convergence: Dragonics & Runics Part III

As the final steps fall into place, the Rogues desperately search for allies, and the missing piece to the Prophecy, before their time and secrecy runs out.

NOW AVAILABLE on A.W.’s Store,, Amazon’s Kindle Store, and select local retailers. Audiobook format available in podcast form on iTunes and LibSyn.

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Vengeance: Dragonics & Runics Part IV

Defy the Council with the Rogues as they take a final stand against insurmountable odds. The finale is here and no Rider is safe!

NOW AVAILABLE on A.W.’s Store,, Amazon’s Kindle Store, and select local retailers.


Dragonics & Runics: Origins (fan-requested prequel novellas)

Genesis & Legacy – coming soon!


Low Tide: A Modern Fairy Tale (novel)

new adult, urban fantasy, dark fantasy, romance

A dark reimagining of The Little Mermaid.



Lady of the Line (working title) (novel)

young adult, fantasy



The Order (TV Series)

drama, suspense, fantasy



Science Fiction

The Pride Series (novel)

new adult, mythology, suspense, drama



The Syndicate (working title) (novel)

new adult, dystopian, drama



Surrender (working title) (novel)

new adult, dystopian, drama, 18+



Grounded: A Fairy Tale from the Future (novel)

new adult, mythology, dystopian




OWL-09 (working title) (novel)

new adult, urban fantasy, romance

After being the equivalent of a paranormal-fantasy-wacko an agent for eleven years, Jocelyn James has seen just about everything she can imagine. But that doesn’t mean she’s perfect and it certainly doesn’t make her job dealing with all things unbelievable any easier.



Firebound (novel)

new adult, romance, fantasy, 18+



Savior (working title) (novel & screenplay)

new adult, suspense, romance, 18+

How far would you go to do what is just and good? What would you do for someone you loved? Where is the breaking point of the human spirit & soul and when, if ever, can you possibly get it back?

A World War II historical fiction based on true people and set in Nazi-occupied France just after the D-Day invasion.



Things Left Unsaid (webseries)

new adult, dramedy, contemporary, military, War on Terror

[su_frame]Slammed together by a meddling friend, an artsy hipster and a discharged Marine with PTSD struggle to find love and acceptance despite the ever-present inner monologues of things that are sometimes better left unsaid.[/su_frame]

EPISODE 1 – Three Reasons – Available on YouTube
EPISODE 2 – Contact, Contact – Available on YouTube


Untitled (TV Series)

documentary, reality, variety




Cursed: The Story of A Not So Average Teenage Girl (working title) (novel)

young adult, paranormal, fantasy



Three of Hearts (working title) (novel)

new adult, fantasy, drama


Other Genres

Dance with the Devil (short)

drama, suspense, urban

[su_frame]A struggling young parolee attempts to face off with the temptations of drugs, gangs, and violence in a twisted dance with fate commanded by the Devil.[/su_frame]

COMPLETED – exclusively for a local LA film school student.


Empty (short)

drama, thriller, contemporary



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