The End Is Near! Pre-Order for Kindle Vengeance: Dragonics & Runics Part IV

I’m a big fan of pre-ordering – movies, games, and books – and I’m really excited about this pre-order in particular.

The final chapter in the Dragonics & Runics Series, Vengeance, is now available to pre-order for Kindle on Amazon.

Oh, and here’s the amazingly beautiful cover art for Vengeance: Dragonics & Runics Part IV, done by Cover Your Dreams.

A. Wrighton's Vengeance: Dragonics & Runics Part IV Book Cover While the 4th and final chapter of the Dragonics & Runics Series is available for pre-order in my store in both paperback and ebook (.ePUB) formats, it is also now available for pre-order for Kindle on Amazon.

Woohoo! The end is near!

Click here to pre-order your Kindle copy of Vengeance: Dragonics & Runics IV now!
Or, if you prefer .ePUB or paperback or even signed paperback, get your pre-order on by visiting my store.


Now, I will leave you with the stunning work of Cover Your Dreams. Don’t mind me while I oogle intently.

Pretty, pretty dragon…

Oh! Don’t fret if you’re worried about “the end is near” bit. I promised some fans the prequels, and they will come… but they’re not the end. They’re the beginning. And their time is coming, too!

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