Contest & Giveaway: Signed Paperback Copy of Convergence WINNERS!

Whew! What a great giveaway!

Thank you all for participating, tweeting, commenting, sharing, and just plain getting excited about new adult fantasy fiction with dragons!

Woo! Dragons!

As I tweeted earlier, because of the overwhelming response, I’ve decided to add a few more prizes.

Let me just say that I heart all of you–seriously.

In addition to the signed paperback copy of Convergence: Dragonics & Runics Part IIII am giving away my two signed proofing copies (that means they’re the first unofficial run of the paperbacks and will have minor errors my editors missed, but my team and I have read through them personally to fix all of those in the official run), and four sets of Books 1-3 of the Dragonics & Runics Series ePubs.

Giveaway Winners Convergence Signed Paperback Copy Dragonics & Runics A. WrightonSo, who won?

Signed Paperback Copy

Paul Witney


Signed Proofing Copy

Lisa Wilkinson & Maine Blue


Dragonics & Runics Series Ebooks, Books 1-3

Dolores Adair, Jenn Strohschein, Cheryl Perkins, & Jen English

All winners will be contacted over the next few days with an ETA on delivery, since some are in the beautiful UK/Europe.

Thank you again to all who participated!

It is because of your D&R love, that I continue to write the series. For those feeling the D&R and dragon love, be sure to check out the IndieGoGo Campaign for the Dragonics & Runics series and help bring more indie books to the world all while saving a dragon or two.

Stay tuned for my next contest and giveaway, coming soon!

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