#AuthorChat: My Writing Confessions – What Are Yours?

We all have them… weird habits, ticks, nuances, oddities.

So, in the spirit of funsies, I’ve decided to have a bit of a writing confessional!

Here are my writing confessions and, hopefully, by the end of this… I’ll have released some demons and you’ll be ready to exercise yours. We’re all just a little bit mad here, aren’t we?

What are your weird and wonderful writing confessions?

1. I based a character off my favorite male actor and my two favorite roles of his. Nathan Fillion’s Captain Mal and Castle. No, I’m not ashamed of it. If you’re a fan of Mr. Fillion’s work (*cough*Dr. Horrible*cough*), you’ll know exactly which character of mine I mean.

2. I cast my books’ movie actors in my head and often use that for inspiration on character movements and reactions if I get stuck. My cast includes Leo DiCaprio, Helena Bonham Carter, Emma Watson, Anne Hathaway, Clive Owen, Kat Dennings, Nathan Fillion, and Chris Pratt. Who said I never aim higher than high?

3. I handwrite a lot of scenes because it flows more naturally and I can write it out like a script that way, going back to fill in the details later.

4. I write most scene dialogue first and work backwards from there.

5. I refuse to use red pens. I’m actually pretty sure I have a mild phobia to them.

6. I spend hours watching sword fights, eagles flying, and whatever else I need to in order to get the details right.

7. To compensate for my severe dyslexia, I run a few spell checking apps and actually have a list of words that spell check misses that I do a FIND search on before sending it to both my editors. Hopefully, between the two of them, everything is caught. Though, considering there are errors in JK Rowling’s masterpieces, I’m okay if a few slip by in mine (before I run back and tweak them because I’m a perfectionist with OCD).

8. I get the little blue doubt monster from time to time. Now, he sits on my desk to remind me I’m not afraid of him.

9. I’m OCD organized when it comes to most things, but when I write… I write out-of-order and totally at whim. And, I have a collection of post-its to prove it.

10. I keep a list of my “writing bad habits” that I go through and check each draft on. My list has changed, but never gotten too much shorter. I’ll work on that…

11. I type harder on my keys than I need to when I’m trying to get something out that I’m really excited about. It drives my dogs nuts.

12.  I’m obsessed with the background noise that coffee houses have and most of my best work is done inside a coffee-house. That, or I flick on my Coffitivity app.

13. I mutter a lot of my dialogue out loud when I write it down. A lot.

14. I write completely perpendicular to me. I still don’t know why, but I swear it makes me more creative.

15. I conduct full etymological research on all names I use even though most of that is never seen by readers.

16. I keep one beta reader on hand who’s known my writing for over 15 years. She keeps me sane and she slaps sense into me a lot.

17. Every book has a line my daughter has said to me. Most of the time, you’d never guess they’re from a six-year-old.

So… are you ready to spill?

EDIT:  My writer friend S.J. Paige held her own Writing Confessional here in response to this. Go read them!

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