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And there was much, hoppy rejoicing…
There are quite a few of these Social Media Photo Sizes posts around the web…

But, I hate having to flip back and forth, so I figured I’d join the pack, make my own post, and share it with all of you!

Anyhow, these Social Media Photo Sizes are current as of June 2014.

If any further, when further changes happen on the listed platforms, I’ll update it!


With the changes to Facebook, this works for personal profiles and pages.

Cover Photo Size:  851px X 315px
Profile Photo Size: 160px X 160px
App Tab Photo Size: 111px X 74px

Notes: Facebook forbids cover photos with more than 20% text. Text that is allowed includes: calls to action, discounts (40% off), asking to be “liked” or “shared.” Also, remember that you can go for a doubled image size (320px X 320 px) for the profile pic if you want an ultra-crisp picture.



These sizes are for the “new” profiles that were introduced April 2014. You might still be using the older version, but they’re slowly becoming obsolete and the “new” version is far prettier!

Cover Photo Size: 1500px X 500px
Profile Photo Size: 400px X 400px

Notes:  If you are tweeting a photo, upload it directly to twitter so that it has the URL. When you do this, it auto previews upon hovers! Also, aim for 440px X 220px to activate a more picturesque in-stream tweeting experience.


Google +

Remember author friends, when it comes to SEO and search engines, Google + is the social media platform. It doesn’t matter how many prefer Facebook or even Twitter, what matters is Google runs a major search engine and also runs this social media platform. If, for nothing else, get a G+ profile to gain Google Authorship status.

Cover Photo Size:  Between 48px x 270px and 2120px X 1192px. Recommended size is 1080px X 608px.
Profile Photo Size: 250px x 250px

Notes: Like all platforms, (memory requirements aside) doubling the profile photo size requirements will allow for a crisper image.



If you aren’t using Gravatar already, you should check it out. Seriously. Right now.

Image Size: At least 80px X 80px, but 128px X 128px is recommended.

Notes: PNG file types seem to result in a crisper image for photos with lots of colors. Otherwise, JPEGs work great, too.



Not all authors use this, but I do so I’ll add it here. There is a new feature called “publishing” that is due out summer 2014, which might make optional author LinkedIn usage obsolete.

Size: Between 200px X 200px and 500px X 500px

Notes: Opt for the larger image size as it will be crisper once it is auto-fitted to the standard 200px X 200px version.

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