Audiobook Podcast: Prologue – Convergence: Dragonics & Runics Part III

A. Wrighton's Convergence: Dragonics & Runics Part III Audiobook Podcast Logo SmallThat’s right!

I’ll be releasing the audiobook for Convergence: Dragonics & Runics Part III in a podcast format.

It took a little convincing and pleading from certain people (thanks, gang!) but I can officially release the prologue.

Here’s what you need to know about the audiobook podcast.


Where can I find it?

My website & blog –

LibSyn’s website for the audiobook podcast –

iTunes Store –


How do I listen?

Just click the play button below.

If you want to download it, feel free to do so! You can use any of the above sites to download a copy.

Once iTunes goes live (sometime around August 1st), you’ll be able to automatically get updates and download from there, too.


How much does it cost me?

Nada. Zip. Zero. Free!

That’s what’s awesome about podcasts, right?

The audiobook files will always be available, free, and yours to listen to at will. They still don’t make up for owning an actual copy, but for some folks, this is the way to go!

needmoredragons_Audiobookfund_donateMaking podcasts do incur some cost, so if you like what you’re listening to and want to help me continue podcasting, please feel free to donate to the #NeedMoreDragons Audiobook Fund. It’s even got a cute little dragon logo (how cute!).

Another way to donate, is to spread the word of the audiobook podcast! Some of the Twitter hashtags I use include:  #NeedMoreDragons #Convergence #DragonicsandRunics #audiobook & #podcast.


How often will new episodes be released?

Every 2 weeks*

*I’ll try to get these out every fortnight (14 days) but sometimes life, holidays, dog washing, and parent-teacher conferences get in the way. That said, check back every two weeks!
The first two episodes will be released close to one another, however.

And, those are all the details!


There are a few people to thank before I get to the actual podcast, so bear with me.

Thank you to (in no particular order): Nicole, Ashley, Ben, Scott, Mese, Gabby, Gabrielle, Other Ben, Kevin MacLeod (music guy), LibSyn, Audacity, Cathy, Kathy, Harvey, Lynanne, Steve, Jill, Samantha, Dino, and my local Best Buy for not banning me from the store. You guys all rock for helping me on this first-time adventure and I’m sure it will only get better. That, or you’ll stop answering my calls/messages.


Right! So, onto the first audiobook podcast episode, right?


Prologue – Convergence: Dragonics & Runics Part III Audiobook Podcast

To purchase the e-book or paperback copy of Convergence: Dragonics & Runics Part III, please visit my store, Amazon, or the Dragonics & Runics Series website.

To help fund the remaining books in the Dragonics & Runics Series, please consider sharing or donating to the IndieGoGo Campaign:

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