A Blog Schedule

A Blog Schedule lies within…

Yes, I am being serious!

So stop giggling already.

Anyhow, as I start interfacing with more and more writers, authors, and bibliophiles (tee-a-hee), I am making a personal pledge to up my ante. I have always been a mentor to local writers (I love L.A.!) but now, let’s think bigger — with a blog schedule.

As they say – go big, or go home.

So here’s my line-up that I shall try to adhere to almost always starting this month (hey, it takes 10 days to form a habit people!) and I hope it brings you insight, inspiration, laughs, and a-ha moments as much as I foresee it bringing me.


A day for I’m-going-to-blog-as-I-normally-do – about writing. Not much of a surprise here, eh?

TuesdayReading to Write on A. Wrighton's Blog Schedule

A day for Guest Blogs* or Reading for Writing Recommendations (if I think any are worth putting on blast – there are quite a few!) or Rest (also known as A.W. wants to take a yoga class that night).


A day for one of my favorite creative writing exercises – Worlds of Wonder in Words (aka Wx3). Now, I will share it with you! I’ll be posting a photograph & writing my gut inspiration down. I encourage sharing of your thoughts as well! It’s a great exercise & reading different views would be quite an interesting human experience.


A day for reflection on the quest of Self-Publishing & Indie Authordom. This might also mention editing and/or marketing tips or it might be another day of Rest (yoga).


A day for a post in “Cursed” – a YA Paranormal Episodic hosted here and on Wattpad (debuting at the end of April) or a day of surprise random posting.


A day of sleeping in and family time.


A day of an Author Interview* &/or an Author Q&A* Session.

*Want to participate as a Guest Blogger, or be the author in the Author Interview &/or Author Q&A?

Pick me Please on A. Wrighton's Blog ScheduleSuh-weet!

If you would like to be a Guest Blogger please contact me with your proposal. I will admit to being really, really, really picky about who gets to post on here – only because I am looking for the best of the best. If you’ve got it – bring it!

If you would like to participate in the Author Interview, here are my requirements:

1) You were published in the last 2-3 months OR you’re about to publish in the next 2-3 months.    2) That’s it. 🙂

If you would like to participate in the Author Q&A, here are my requirements:

1) You are a published or soon-to-be published author (2-3 month allowance here, same as above).   2) You have a sense of humor & want to share insight on the craft of writing.


So that is it. My lovely blog schedule. Give me about 10 days to get on track 100% and come May, you’ll find yourself wondering why you even doubted such a thing as a blog schedule. And maybe, just maybe, your blog will suddenly have an urge to do the same thing…


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