45 Ways To Stay Creative

Here’s my go to list of ways that can help a writer stay creative…

  1. Carry a pen and paper everywhere. Or at least a pen, you can write on anything.
  2. Watch hyper-creative films and shows. Not run-of-the-mill flicks. but indies or films that are so creative they’re scary. Anything by Guillermo del Toro or anything based on graphic novels are good places to start.
  3. Learn the rules so you can break them.
  4. Practice every day. Even if it’s only a little bit.
  5. Listen to different music. Try different genres. Try instrumental (if you’re afraid of orchestras, try electronic orchestration).
  6. Go on a walk. The longer, the better.
  7. Make mistakes. Then, play in them.
  8. Let a child tell you a story.
  9. Get your hands dirty.
  10. Go somewhere new. Somewhere off the grid.
  11. Stop asking others for input while creating and go with your gut.
  12. Play in the park.
  13. Cook something — from scratch.
  14. Go somewhere busy and just listen.
  15. Color.
  16. Ask questions and actually listen to the answer.
  17. Play an RPG style video game (mobile apps work, too)
  18. Read a children’s book or poetry book. Shel Silverstein and Lewis Carroll are always goodies.
  19. Brainstorm freely on paper — without stopping.
  20. Rest well — or take naps.
  21. Daydream.
  22. Don’t be afraid to act like a kid and just have fun.
  23. Write everything down – even if the idea seems shoddy.
  24. Delve into history. Yours and others’.
  25. Do what makes you happy.
  26. Embrace what makes you sad, angry, laugh, scared.
  27. Experiment with friends.
  28. Enjoy energizing drinks. Coffee, tea, 5-hour energy…
  29. Write without a computer.
  30. Take a nice, long, hammock-worthy break.
  31. Stop beating yourself up.
  32. Accept there is much to learn — and go learn it.
  33. Indulge your senses so you can write about them better later. Your stomach will thank you.
  34. Exercise.
  35. Keep anything that inspires you – clip quotes, photos, magazines, etc. – and put them in one spot. I keep mine in a pretty little shoe box.
  36. Turn off your internet for a little bit. Baby steps at first… but then go bigger–longer.
  37. Hang out with friends.
  38. Go somewhere you’d never go in your life — and take notes.
  39. Try riffing. It’s a term coined by Miss Lyon, but its pretty much free writing/association writing from one point or one scene on. Have at it. Nothing’s wrong. Just go, go, go.
  40. Ask why.
  41. Ask how.
  42. Grant yourself permission to take risks, and apologize if they fail.
  43. Be fearless. Failure is only possible if you allow it to be.
  44. Don’t think too much. Just do.
  45. Make lists. Include word associations and doodles.


Do you have any to add?

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